Guest Posting For SEO: How & Why You Should Be Doing It!

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Guest Posting For SEO: How & Why You Should Be Doing It!

Guest Posting For SEO
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Guest posting is a vital part of every brand’s SEO strategy. The reason is that guest blogging for SEO is one of the most effective white hat SEO growth techniques. Guest blog posting is not just incredibly beneficial for your SEO rankings, but it is also a rewarding online growth technique. So, every online marketing campaign has to have a guest posting strategy in order to enhance its brand visibility. 

This guest posting guide will tell you everything you need to know about guest posting in 2023 and how to do SEO guest posting the right way! Let’s start with what guest posting really is.

What Is Guest Posting?

Guest posting, or guest blogging, is a white hat SEO link building technique in which you reach out to blog sites or reputable brands to place your site’s link in exchange for a post. What this does is allow you to build links with a high-ranking website, and they will get quality content for their website in return.

Guest posting offers immense benefits, not just for your SERPs rankings, but your brand’s online visibility, credibility and customer engagement all stand to benefit from guest blogging!

Why Is Guest Posting Important In 2023?

Now that you have a basic idea about guest posting and what sort of benefits you can expect from it, you may want to know the importance of guest posting for your business.

  • Improved SEO rankings
  • Enhanced brand visibility
  • Amplified brand credibility and reputation!
  • Increased traffic
  • Sustainable relationships in the community
  • Reach new audiences
  • More leads!

We’ve wrapped up some of the most important benefits of SEO guest posting that your business can take advantage of! Let’s get into some details about how to do guest posting in SEO.

How To Do Guest Blogging?

There are a lot of aspects to consider in guest blogging. One of the first things you have to ensure is that the prospects you’re reaching out to are the right fit for you and will be beneficial for your business growth. But that’s just the first of many steps you have to satisfy for a successful guest posting process. Let’s start with how you’ll be finding and scoring the right prospects.

1. Find The Right Prospects

One of the most important stages of guest posting is to find the right guest posting websites to reach out to. These websites should prove to serve your business some kind of benefit, and they should be relevant to your business’s niche, but that’s not all. Relevance is actually one of the vital factors in picking the right website. You can just pick any blog site or a brand that’s trending, your business goals have to align with that prospect, and their brand should be relevant to what you’re selling. So, stick to your niche.

The next most important aspect of finding the right blog site is to check the authority scores of your prospects. Authority is actually not the only metric that defines the credibility of a website, but it certainly allows you to get an overview of the prospect. You only want high-authority websites in order to improve your SEO rankings by building backlinks with them.

So, to sum it up here is an overview of finding the right prospects to reach out to:

  • Your selected prospect should be relevant to your niche
  • They should have high-traffic scores
  • Their brand should be reputable and credible in the community
  • High authority scores
  • Your business goals should align

Now that you know what to look for when picking the right prospects for guest posting, let’s see how you should reach out to them!

2. Perform Outreach

Blogger outreach is a vital stage in the guest posting process. This step is purely concerned with pitching to your selected prospects. You need to manually reach out to the right people in order to build a relationship with them so you can publish your guest post on their website with your link integrated into them.

We’ve created a blogger outreach checklist for you to create a successful blogger outreach campaign for your business. Take a look:

  • Perform targeted blogger outreach, don’t waste your resources on reaching out to irrelevant prospects
  • Ensure that your outreach is genuine, personalised, and highlights your unique selling points
  • Be clear with your prospects about what you can offer them and what you want out of this partnership
  • Include samples of your best work that’s relevant to your prospect

Follow these blogger outreach tips and ensure that you practise successful blogger outreach campaigns for guest posts! You can also hire an expert blogger outreach agency like ours to take care of this for you. TheDigitalXperts offer exceptional blogger outreach services to businesses of all niches! Get in touch with us to create a customised blogger outreach campaign for your business that actually works!

Let’s keep on moving.

3. Write Unique & Engaging Content!

This is the most important part of this whole process! You have to make sure that your guest posts are unique, creative, engaging, and attractive enough to tempt your users to click on your link. Guest blog posting only works if the content is engaging enough to drive audiences to your site. If your content is unoriginal and doesn’t pique the reader’s interest, no one would probably follow up on your site’s link.

To make sure your guest posts are done right, here’s a checklist that you should follow:

  • Ensure that your selected topic is trending; you don’t want to spend time writing on something the audience isn’t even interested in anymore.
  • Come up with unique ideas; people want something that’s different.
  • Create guest posts that are aligned with your business goals and serve as a sort of advertisement for your products and services.
  • Ensure that the quality of your content is nothing less than perfect! You don’t want to make a bad impression on the guest post website or the readers!
  • Take cultural differences into consideration if you’re writing for a different audience.
  • Ensure that you’re writing in your audience’s language.


TheDigitalXperts offers innovative content solutions for all your guest post needs! We have native content writers for over 50 languages. Contact us now and hire the best guest posting service on the market!

4. Publish!

Now that we’re done with everything and your guest post is ready to be put live, the next step is to make sure that your guest post is published exactly how you wanted it to be. Ensure that your link is placed properly and actually works. Apart from that, you need to track your guest posts and see if they’re pulling in any traffic. So, this is how you do guest posting the right way! To sum up the process and give you expert tips on how guest blogging, move to the next section of this guest blogging guide!

TheDigitalXperts Tips For Guest Posting In SEO!

You’ll have a much better understanding of our top guest posting tips now that you know everything about guest posts, their importance for your business and how to do it the right way! Let’s get started.

  • Your guest posts have to be based on educating and guiding the audience rather than just focusing on marketing your brand. Look at it from the reader’s perspective. You see an unfamiliar post on your favourite blog site, and you click on it, and it’s just another business advertising its products and services; it is highly doubtful that you’ll even consider clicking on any of their links. So, focus on writing guides, how-tos, and pieces of insightful content that tempt readers to hear what you have to say and visit your site.
  • Ensure that your link placement is done right. What we mean by that is making sure that the right anchor text for your link is used and that it has the necessary context surrounding it. You also have to ensure that the right links are used and that they actually work. Some guest post websites don’t allow you to place your link inside the content. So, what do you do? Well, you can make sure that your link is properly placed in the author bio section.
  • Promote your guest posts. Getting your guest posts published on reputable blog sites isn’t enough. You have to market your published guest posts on your social media and any other platforms you see fit in order to make the best of the opportunity! This can also help build healthy relationships in the community when blog sites and brands see how successful and beneficial it is for them to partner up with your site.
  • Ensure that you’re tracking how well your guest posts are doing by using any of the available traffic monitoring tools. We suggest Google Analytics to keep a check on the traffic your website is generating.

We have provided you with a list of the top guest posting for SEO tips! These tips will ensure a successful guest posting campaign for your business.


SEO guest posting is an incredibly rewarding business growth solution for your brands of all niches. Guest blogging provides significant benefits in terms of improved SEO rankings, as well as enhanced brand visibility and customer engagement! So, it stands to reason why people stress the importance of guest posts so much, doesn’t it? Our guest posting for SEO guide aims to provide you with everything you need to know about guest blogging and how to do it the right way! 

If you’re looking for an experienced team of SEO experts who can deliver world-class guest posting solutions, TheDigitalXperts is the right choice for you! We have over 12 years of experience in writing engaging content for businesses of all niches. We have designed and implemented hundreds of successful guest blogging campaigns for brands like yours. Ensure enhanced brand visibility and high SERP rankings for your business by ordering our guest posting services now!


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