How To Build Backlinks in 2024? A Complete Link Building Guide

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How To Build Backlinks in 2024? A Complete Link Building Guide

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Growing your business’s online presence is a little more than just creating a website and a social media account that your customers can find on the internet and reach out to you. Well, at least now it isn’t. Expanding your online presence has gotten a lot more complex, and you have to consider many important aspects. First among which is your site’s SEO. Of course, SEO isn’t anything new; we’re all familiar with it and how important it is. But improving your site’s SEO is a broad term; it not only requires you to go over a lot of different concepts, but it also directly affects your online growth. So, what’s the best way of doing that? Link building for SEO! That’s a little vague, isn’t it? Well, there’s nothing to worry about! Our ultimate link building guide will go over everything you need to know about building backlinks in 2023. We’ll start with the basics and create an expert link building guide for you to grow your brand’s online presence! Let’s get started.

What Is Link Building?

SEO Link building is an online growth technique of getting other websites to place a link to your site on their website. This allows you to create a backlink with these reputable websites, which is not only good for your site’s SEO but also allows their audience to see your brand’s name, tempting them to click on it and visit your site. Which, of course, boosts your leads and ultimately improves your sales!

This ultimate guide to link building aims to give you everything you need to know to learn link building, create the best link building strategies, and find high quality backlinks. So, without further to do, let’s keep moving!

Why Is Link Building So Important In 2023?

To give you a simple answer, backlinks are one of the major Google ranking factors. But there’s a bit more to know about it than just that. The thing is, Google loves links, but not just links, quality links. We’ll get to that in a minute. What we’re trying to say is that building high quality backlinks with reputable sites that are high-ranking, credible, and receive a decent amount of traffic is essential to your online growth.
Building high quality backlinks with websites that are trusted by search engines allow those search engines to trust your site as well. Think of quality backlinks as a digital thumbs-up for your website’s credibility. This triggers search engine algorithms to place your site high in SERPs. Link building for SEO is among the most important aspects of any business’s SEO strategy, and it is immensely rewarding!
But improving your site’s SEO is not the only benefit that quality link building can provide you. Even though the concept’s the same, backlinks with other trusted sites allow search engines to trust your site, too; it works the same way for the audience too!. Think about it, if a highly credible and trusted brand mentions your site’s name and contains a link to your site, that brand’s audience is going to be tempted to visit your site, and that’s a potential lead for your business. High-quality links also pass authority to your site; this refers to the term link juice
So, it seems like link building is super important, isn’t it? Let’s sum up some of the benefits of quality link building we’ve learned:

  • Improved SEO rankings!
  • Enhanced brand credibility and reputation
  • Amplified brand exposure
  • Wider audience reach
  • More leads!
  • Sustainable relationships in the community

Now that we’re familiar with what link building for SEO is, as well as the importance of link building, we can go into a little more detail. Starting with the types of link building you can utilise to create a healthy backlink profile for your site. Learning about these link building types will allow you to find the best prospect for your business and implement an effective link building strategy!

Effective Link Building Strategies 2023!

This section isn’t just focused on the types of link building, but it also aims to give you an overview of the various link building strategies that you can use to build high quality backlinks with reputable websites! We’ll start with the most rewarding ones and move down the list. Let’s take a look.

Earning Backlinks!

As we said, we’ll start at the top, and earning links is certainly the best way to go about building high quality backlinks! The concept is pretty much self-explanatory, websites place your link without you even asking them to do so. That’s swell, isn’t it?

Well, this type of link building can only happen if you have something super unique to offer. This can be exceptional visual assets, like charts, diagrams, videos or anything of the sort. It can also be research or data that you collected by yourself, meaning that it’s original. Or it can be an online tool or even a guide that provides a unique insight into a topic.

The point is you have to have something so unique to offer that websites reach out to you to build links without you even asking. But if you don’t have that kind of reputation or your site currently doesn’t have any of the stuff we mentioned, there’s nothing to worry about! Let’s take a look at the second one on our list.

Requesting For Backlinks

Suppose your site can’t earn links, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still build great links! What you can do is reach out to reputable and high-ranking brands or blog sites and pitch them ideas about placing your site’s link on their website. You have to advertise your unique selling points to these businesses so they’d be tempted to partner up with you.

The concept is called blogger outreach. You manually reach out to selected prospects that are relevant to your niche and have decent traffic scores and ratings. Be sure that you’re creative and that you’re highlighting what you can do for them. You can even hire our experts to do manual blogger outreach for you, so you don’t have to worry about anything. TheDigitalXperts offers exceptional blogger outreach services!

If you’re wondering what kind of links you can score using this strategy, here are some common ideas:

  • Guest posts
  • Niche edits
  • Visual assets
  • Guides or how-tos
  • Case studies

If you’re looking for world-class content writers that can deliver exceptional guest posts that boost your customer engagement, get in touch with us. TheDigitalXperts has years of experience in delivering winning content in over 50 languages! Check out our guest posting services now. You should also take a gander at our niche edit services if you want your site’s link placed in high-traffic articles that are already indexed by Google!

But what if your site doesn’t have something unique to offer, and you’re still a growing company? What do you do? Well, another method of white hat link building is to add your site’s links.

Adding Links!

As the name suggests, you simply add your site’s links to business directories, social media profiles, forums, blog comments and anything that you believe can help you build a high quality backlink! Adding links is not the most rewarding search engine optimisation link building, but it’s easy to do and doesn’t need much research put into it.

Getting your business listed in local business directories can significantly help in link building for SEO. Your business citation can include your website’s link, which will help create a backlink with reputable and high-ranking business directories. You can also hire our experienced professionals to take care of your local citations. TheDigitalXperts is proficient in getting businesses like yours listed in high-ranking business directories. Order our local citation-building services to get your business listed!

So, these were some of the top link building methods and the types of link building you can utilise to build high quality backlinks. Each of these link building types is focused on different types of opportunities; you have to determine which one works the best for your own business. Let’s see what makes a backlink a quality backlink, as well as link building best practices!

How To Identify Quality Backlinks

There’s a massive difference between link building and quality link building, and knowing the difference between a link and a quality link is all that matters. So, pay close attention to this link building tutorial to learn how to build quality backlinks!


Relevancy is at the top of the list because of its significance in determining a quality backlink. Before you look into anything, you have to check whether or not your prospect is even relevant to your business. You can’t just create backlinks with a random site that’s not even relevant to your niche.

Relevancy is something you have to manually check to make sure that your business goals are aligned with this potential link placement. So, stick to your niche and only follow up on relevant prospects!


By now, you must be noticing a trend here. Our quality links checklist is exactly according to how Google’s ranking factors work. This is because we want to provide you with a link building strategy that actually gets real results! So, the next on our list is authority. As you might know, authority is not the only SEO scoring metric you can use to judge a site. But it certainly is one of the most important.

Authority is essentially the overall quality score of a website, obviously, the higher the score is, the higher the quality of the site is. You only want high-authority websites because these sites are trusted by search engines, and that sweet authority will rub off on your website as well.

You can utilise any industry-standard SEO tools to check a website’s authority figures.

Your Gut!

Once you’ve vetted your prospect according to the first two criteria, the last and essential factor is your gut feeling! Check the site’s reputation in the community, do proper due diligence to ensure that the site isn’t using any unethical black hat SEO techniques to boost its figures, and just go with your gut. If you feel like anything’s off with your selected prospect, you ought to take another look at it.

TheDigitalXperts Top Tips On Link Building For SEO!

So, now that you’ve learned almost everything there is to know about link building for websites, our experts have drafted a few tips for Google link building. Take a look:

  • Relevancy is a key factor, don’t deviate from your business’s niche!
  • Ensure that your outreach is manual and unique, highlighting your selling points.
  • Establish strict content quality control checks to ensure top-quality content for your guest posts.
  • Focus on what you do best, and you’ll soon earn links without even asking for them!
  • Consider hiring a professional link building agency that has significant experience in building high quality backlinks!

TheDigitalXperts has over 12 years of experience in delivering high-quality premium link building services to brands of all niches! Our link building services are the best in the business, and we are experts in helping businesses like yours grow to new heights! Get in touch with our link building experts now and take your brand’s online visibility to a whole other level!


Link building for SEO is an incredibly important aspect of online business growth. We have done our best to provide you with an ultimate guide to link building. Our backlinks guide has gone over everything there is to know about link building and provided you with top link building tips! This link building guide can help you create high quality backlinks in 2023 that are guaranteed to help grow your business!


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